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Name Shoujo City 3D
ID com.shoujocity.sc3d
Publisher Shoujo City
MOD Features Unlimited Gold Coins
Size 201.16 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+
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Shoujo City 3D Apk Mod Minimum device requirements: a pair of GB RAM, flower 625 central processing unit.
Recommended device necessities: three GB RAM (or more), flower 660 central processing unit (or better).

Shoujo City 3D Apk Mod is an associate degree anime chemical analysis machine game, combining gameplay of bishoujo visual novels and a sandbox-style town exploration journey. the sport is about virtual 3D Tokyo and is target anime and otaku culture. At the start of the sport, you will get your own distinctive anime girlfriend, so can pay attention to her, and explore the town along with numerous chemical analysis activities.


* buying garments, accessories, food, snacks, toys.

On the one hand, Shoujo City 3D Apk Mod is fun. a casual game that has you doing things like shopping for clothes. accessories, food, snacks, and toys. But, it’s a game that has you doing things like buying garments, accessories, food, snacks, and toys. The app is actually a little on the boring side. There is no real gameplay per se. The currency within the game is gems and coins. Gems are use to buy things and coins are earn by completing tasks and achievements. The tasks are simple, like reading a book, getting the laundry done, or eating an apple. You can also complete achievements to earn coins. The achievements are pretty easy and have you doing things like tapping a fruit. tapping a piece of candy or tap a can of soda.
I can’t remember the last time I had a good time playing a mobile game. In the pursuit of quality experiences, I’ve ceded the category to Supercell and Machine Zone. Still, there are some attempts to create mobile games that go beyond the free-to-play model. like Shoujo City, an app from the creators of the 3D community site Sketchfab. Shoujo City, which has a waitlist of hundreds of thousands of people, is a 3D city building game.

* distinctive women – each player can get a novel girlfriend together with her own likes and dislikes. Also, you’ll be able to value them more highly to date a dakimakura pillow.
* Yuri – the sport options romantic relationships between 2 women.

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